Get the QT on the PD

There’s been a lot of recent activity in the Optician magazine where some optometrists – well, one in particular, feels he should be able to charge for providing the PD or pupil distance. A letter from a disgruntled customer suggested that this is actually already happening in some opticians where one in Scotland tried to charge £50.

I recently had an eye test in a Tesco store as I had an email saying they were doing them for free (I’ve got a Clubcard). I went along and it was a super examination – all just as good as anywhere else – and no problem with asking for my prescription. However, the optometrist there was not best pleased when I asked for my PD – he told me that the PD doesn’t make much difference as it depends on the eyewear you choose.

There is absolutely no mystery to a PD. It’s simply a measurement from one pupil to the next and can be made with a ruler!

You can’t blame optometrists really – they’ve had years and years of having a captive clientele. But just because we have our eyes tested in one outlet, doesn’t mean we have to buy our eyewear there. In fact, it’s quite nice not to have to rush to do the two together.

The point I’m trying to make here in a very round about way is, regardless of whether or not an optician is reluctant to give you your prescription to take away, complete with PD (you will have to ask for that), it belongs to you. It’s your right and you can buy your new specs wherever you choose.

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Rip Off Britain

Here at Focus on You we’d like to thank Rip Off Britain for its very informative programme on high street and internet opticians.

For those that didn’t see it, the programme talked about the huge mark-up, particularly on designer eyewear, by high street opticians. Rip off? Well, lots of consumers seem to think so.

Then there were the difficulties in dealing with internet eyewear suppliers.  Much better prices it has to be said but there is no opportunity to try the specs on first to make sure they feel comfortable.  And of course no personal contact whatsoever.

We believe the Focus on You way is the best possible solution.

Our designer eyewear is absolute top drawer designer eyewear but, as we don’t have the huge overheads of a high street optician, our clients don’t have to help us bear the cost.

Our consultants can help you choose your eyewear or you can have fun trying it on either by yourself or in with family and friends on hand to give you feedback.

Finally, our consultants can make any necessary adjustments to your eyewear.

So, once again, thanks to Rip Off Britain.  We couldn’t agree with them more!

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Focus on Facebook

I went to see the Facebook movie last night and, although it was a bit intense, and bits were slightly fabricated to make it more interesting to watch, I found it really fascinating.

It’s incredible to see just how we interact socially and how, basically, many of us like to share information with friends, colleagues and family.

I’m not so much of a facebook person myself but I can definitely relate to how addictive it must be.  I’m bad enough with email – keep checking to see if anything new has come in – sometimes about twenty times in half an hour!  So I suppose if you’re an avid Facebook user – and there are millions out there –  you do keep it open on your phone and stay involved with the conversation when you can.

Rather than social media, I like a social gathering with real people.    Having a good old chat and enjoying some nibbles and a glass of wine is much more up my street and, I have to say, showing off the fabulous styles in the Focus on You range gives me an excuse to do just that.

It’s very much a fun part of the evening – and we all enjoy trying styles that we absolutely shouldn’t wear (at least on paper).  The funny thing is, sometimes they just look really good.

When you think about the fun element of choosing new eyewear at a Focus on You party, compared with feeling slightly self-conscious with strangers in the traditional optician environment, it’s not surprising that Focus on You wearers end up far more happy with their purchases when they arrive!

What can I say, good quality, good styles and a good time.


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Eyewear with the X Factor

Anyone that watched judges’ houses this weekend on X Factor can’t fail to have noticed that there was some pretty strong statement eyewear on display by (hope I’ve written that right).

There was no question of his eyewear trying to blend into the background.  His specs were definitely loud and proud!

Eyewear is definitely a big part of the whole image for some people and different shapes and colours can have a huge impact on the overall ‘look’.

I think that’s what makes choosing new frames so much fun – especially when you have your friends in tow to give you a bit of feedback.

Now I wonder who helped choose his specs?  His publicist?  Stylist?  Maybe he just tried them on for fun.

However he chose them,  he definitely looked pretty cool!

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Focus on World Sight Day

Having just got back from a spell in the sun, I must have been a bit too relaxed as I’m finding it hard to get going again!

Fortunately that’s not the case for everyone else, particularly with World Sight Day looming on the horizon for 14th October.

Anyone purchasing Focus on You eyewear is already making a donation to this hugely important event as the company makes a small donation to Vision Aid Overseas for every pair of spectacles purchased.

World Sight Day takes place annually on the second Thursday of October and falls under the Vision 2020 Global Initiative.  Its aim is to  focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment.

Did you know:

  • Approximately 314 million people worldwide lie with low vision and blindness?
  • Of these, 45 million people are blind and 269 million have low vision?
  • 145 million people have low vision due to uncorrected refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism).  In may of these cases, normal vision could be restored with eyeglasses?
  • Women face a significantly greater risk of vision loss than men – two-thirds of blind people worldwide are women & girls.
  • 90% of blind people live in low-income countries
  • Yet 80% of blindness is avoidable.

The majority of information included in this blog has been taken from the vision 2020 website.  For further information, please visit

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Because Men Are Worth It Too!!

I was at a show a few weeks ago where I’d been asked to talk about my new range of Focus on You eyewear and as the best way to show how good the frames are is just to lay them out and let people try them on for themselves, that’s exactly what I did.

It just takes one person to put a pair on and then it seems to catch like wildfire as everyone tries styles that are a bit funky or a bit different.

Anyway there was a guy there who was wearing a pair of pilot specs – after chatting to him later he said he had worn the same old style for years.  It felt safe and, as he usually went to the optician on his own, even if he did try on something different, he didn’t actually have the confidence to buy them.

Here’s Michael with his old glasses:

Anyway, Michael Birchmore picked up a pair of glasses and tried them on and all the ladies milling around told him what a huge improvement the new style was.  A few added how the new style ‘took years off him’!

Here’s Michael with his new eyewear:

Michael ordered them on the spot.  He got a copy of his prescription from his optician and his new eyewear was with him within a few days.

I don’t think everyone will make such a dramatic change as Michael but I am certainly getting great feedback on how easy it is to buy eyewear this way and, how much fun it can be when you’ve got your friends on hand to give you advice!

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Focus on a bebe look

When trying to decide on a good range I thought it would be interesting to find out a little bit more about bebe.  Did you know that bebe is synonymous with distinctive, contemporary fashion.  It was originally set up to fill a gap in the US market for young women – around 18 – 35 ish.

"The frame not only feels great, it matches my coat!"

bebe wasn’t known as a trend setter but became highly respected for being able to copy fashion house designs within weeks and at a price that was affordable – I suppose nowadays we’d compare that to Primark but that’s not the case.  bebe are super top quality and worn by many high profile celebrities.

Some of our Focus on You frames made an appearance at a fashion show in Bournemouth earlier this year – this lady was just a passer-by who happened to notice that these particular frames went very well with her coat!

So to finish my bit about bebe frames, they have been produced under licence by California Design Studio.  I think we’ll be selling them at prices around 40% lower than traditional high street opticians.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to know what your favourite frames are and why.

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Fantastic range of designer specs ready to go

OK – so I’ve been quite busy. I’ve been trawling around fashion houses, eyewear manufacturers and all sorts to put together a range of designer eyewear that really sets the standard.

Designer frames so far include bebe eyes, Jeff Banks, Laura Ashley and Vera Wang and some of the colours are stunning – for those lucky enough to be able to get away with it.

That reminds me – I’ve been running all sorts of focus groups to get feed back from lots of individuals to get the mix right. Some of the ladies have ‘had their colours done’. Anyone reading this probably knows what that means but, I have to say, it was all new to me.

Basically you end up with a range of colours that complement your skin tones and hair etc and try to make sure your wardrobe is filled with the right clothes. Anyway, when you get lots of different frames it’s impossible not to try them on and, especially with groups of ladies, they all get each other to try something a bit different.

Well, not only have there been some total transformations, we’ve found that styles that really shouldn’t suit certain people often do! It’s all about confidence, having fun and feeling good.

I don’t think I’m the only one that’s going to enjoy choosing eyewear away from the optician!

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Welcome to the Focus on You blog

Hello and Welcome to the very first Focus on You blog.

I’m Peter (no, not from Dragon’s Den, from Christchurch in Dorset), and I’ve created a new company called Focus on You.

For anyone that remembers the Remington ad ‘I liked the product so much I bought the company’ – this was almost one of those moments.

I went into the optician to buy some new eyewear and really found it hard to make a decision and choose what I wanted without someone either breathing down my neck or not having the right people on hand to ask for an opinion.

OK so this was my experience – I thought it might just be me.  No.   I chatted to lots of people that wear glasses and guess what – lots of them felt exactly the same!

I’ve been around in the optical industry for more decades than I care to remember so I know you don’t need an optician to sell you glasses.  You just need the optician to carry out the eye test.

I’ll be updating our progress as it happens – who know, this could be the next big thing in the prescription eyewear market.

Signing out now

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