Fantastic range of designer specs ready to go

OK – so I’ve been quite busy. I’ve been trawling around fashion houses, eyewear manufacturers and all sorts to put together a range of designer eyewear that really sets the standard.

Designer frames so far include bebe eyes, Jeff Banks, Laura Ashley and Vera Wang and some of the colours are stunning – for those lucky enough to be able to get away with it.

That reminds me – I’ve been running all sorts of focus groups to get feed back from lots of individuals to get the mix right. Some of the ladies have ‘had their colours done’. Anyone reading this probably knows what that means but, I have to say, it was all new to me.

Basically you end up with a range of colours that complement your skin tones and hair etc and try to make sure your wardrobe is filled with the right clothes. Anyway, when you get lots of different frames it’s impossible not to try them on and, especially with groups of ladies, they all get each other to try something a bit different.

Well, not only have there been some total transformations, we’ve found that styles that really shouldn’t suit certain people often do! It’s all about confidence, having fun and feeling good.

I don’t think I’m the only one that’s going to enjoy choosing eyewear away from the optician!

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