Focus on a bebe look

When trying to decide on a good range I thought it would be interesting to find out a little bit more about bebe.  Did you know that bebe is synonymous with distinctive, contemporary fashion.  It was originally set up to fill a gap in the US market for young women – around 18 – 35 ish.

"The frame not only feels great, it matches my coat!"

bebe wasn’t known as a trend setter but became highly respected for being able to copy fashion house designs within weeks and at a price that was affordable – I suppose nowadays we’d compare that to Primark but that’s not the case.  bebe are super top quality and worn by many high profile celebrities.

Some of our Focus on You frames made an appearance at a fashion show in Bournemouth earlier this year – this lady was just a passer-by who happened to notice that these particular frames went very well with her coat!

So to finish my bit about bebe frames, they have been produced under licence by California Design Studio.  I think we’ll be selling them at prices around 40% lower than traditional high street opticians.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to know what your favourite frames are and why.

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