Focus on Facebook

I went to see the Facebook movie last night and, although it was a bit intense, and bits were slightly fabricated to make it more interesting to watch, I found it really fascinating.

It’s incredible to see just how we interact socially and how, basically, many of us like to share information with friends, colleagues and family.

I’m not so much of a facebook person myself but I can definitely relate to how addictive it must be.  I’m bad enough with email – keep checking to see if anything new has come in – sometimes about twenty times in half an hour!  So I suppose if you’re an avid Facebook user – and there are millions out there –  you do keep it open on your phone and stay involved with the conversation when you can.

Rather than social media, I like a social gathering with real people.    Having a good old chat and enjoying some nibbles and a glass of wine is much more up my street and, I have to say, showing off the fabulous styles in the Focus on You range gives me an excuse to do just that.

It’s very much a fun part of the evening – and we all enjoy trying styles that we absolutely shouldn’t wear (at least on paper).  The funny thing is, sometimes they just look really good.

When you think about the fun element of choosing new eyewear at a Focus on You party, compared with feeling slightly self-conscious with strangers in the traditional optician environment, it’s not surprising that Focus on You wearers end up far more happy with their purchases when they arrive!

What can I say, good quality, good styles and a good time.


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