Get the QT on the PD

There’s been a lot of recent activity in the Optician magazine where some optometrists – well, one in particular, feels he should be able to charge for providing the PD or pupil distance. A letter from a disgruntled customer suggested that this is actually already happening in some opticians where one in Scotland tried to charge £50.

I recently had an eye test in a Tesco store as I had an email saying they were doing them for free (I’ve got a Clubcard). I went along and it was a super examination – all just as good as anywhere else – and no problem with asking for my prescription. However, the optometrist there was not best pleased when I asked for my PD – he told me that the PD doesn’t make much difference as it depends on the eyewear you choose.

There is absolutely no mystery to a PD. It’s simply a measurement from one pupil to the next and can be made with a ruler!

You can’t blame optometrists really – they’ve had years and years of having a captive clientele. But just because we have our eyes tested in one outlet, doesn’t mean we have to buy our eyewear there. In fact, it’s quite nice not to have to rush to do the two together.

The point I’m trying to make here in a very round about way is, regardless of whether or not an optician is reluctant to give you your prescription to take away, complete with PD (you will have to ask for that), it belongs to you. It’s your right and you can buy your new specs wherever you choose.

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